Update to Administrator – July 21, 2020

Update to Administrator – July 21, 2020

Our team and I hope this email finds you safe and healthy!

Please remember that the outdoor visits must be pre-scheduled to ensure safe and healthy visits for you, the residents, and our staff. It also allows our team to ensure your loved one is available and ready for your visit to make the most of your time together. These visits require appropriate PPE (masks) to be worn at all times and a social distance of 6 feet between you and your loved ones for the entirety of the visit. If these restrictions pose issues for you please keep in mind that we continue to offer other visitation alternatives like Google Duo, Skype, and window visits. You can schedule a visit by emailing us at recreation@webstermanorrhcc.com. (Detailed guidelines are below, as a reminder.)

Other updates from our recreation team include:
• Our Recreation Director will bring back live music to the units, keeping within social distancing guidelines.
• The team is looking to build upon small group activities including communal dining while respecting social distancing guidelines.

As mentioned on our last Town Hall call, we conducted another round of resident testing this past week and only 1 are still pending, all others are negative. We will conduct another round of staff tests this week and are hopeful that we will inch ever so closer to being negative free again. Today we have 70 recovered residents & only 4 residents remain COVID positive.

As a reminder, our next “Town Hall” meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd at 11:30am. We encourage any residents and family members to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about the care we are offering. Please feel free to email ahead of our next Town Hall with questions that we can answer on our call for you. Our commitment is to be as transparent as possible and work to address any issues that arise.

Another “thank you” for all the staff’s hard work, dedication, and compassion for all our residents here. We remain incredibly grateful for our entire dedicated team and ask you to join me in ensuring that they are included as “Health Care Heroes” battling COVID-19.
Guidelines set by Massachusetts DPH and our center
• All visits must be scheduled in advance and will take place in a designated area.
• The visitor must have their temperature taken and answer simple questions prior to the resident coming out for the visit.
• The resident and their visitor(s) must always wear a facial mask.
• Social distancing must be maintained throughout the entire visit. This means that the resident and their visitor(s) must always be at least six (6) feet apart.
• Person to person contact between the resident and visitor(s) is prohibited.
• No items may be transferred between visitor(s), residents, and staff.
• The visits will be for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes.
• The maximum number of visitors allowed at one time is two (2).
• Visits will only be scheduled before sundown.
• In all fairness we can only offer 1 outdoor visit/1 Social Media visit per resident per week. A revolving waitlist is offered when families request multiple visits.
• A facility staff member will be required to remain with the resident and visitor(s) at all times

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy.

Kind Regards,

Corey Beaudette, NHA

July 21, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring