Update from Administrator – May 28, 2021

Update from Administrator – May 28, 2021

May 28, 2021

Dear Families,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We pay respect to the Men and Women who have served and continue to serve this Great Nation. Thank you!

By now, I am certain you heard the great news from our federal leadership late last week about updates to mask requirements. While we are as excited and enthusiastic about the news as you, we do not have any updated guidance from our Department of Public Health and the CDC and CMS specific to nursing homes.

We eagerly await the updated guidance on mask usage for those who have been full vaccinated (two week past their second dose). If your loved one has not been vaccinated yet, please continue to give it serious consideration. We will continue to advocate and encourage any staff who have not received their vaccination to do so ASAP. We will also continue to provide the opportunity and availability of the vaccine to unvaccinated staff and residents.

Some updates for you:


  • As mentioned earlier in this update, the CMS, CDC, and state continue to update their guidance for nursing homes – and we’ll keep you up to date on any changes. If you are unfamiliar with our protocols, please ask us.
  • Nothing has changed over the past week. In room visitation is allowed but you and the resident you plan to meet MUST be Fully vaccinated. All other visits are by appointment.
  • We continue to explore ways to increase our visitation calendar, especially for outside visitations, which remains the preferred choice of visitation by CMS and our state DPH.
  • We always offer visitations using our technology (iPads, tablets, calls, etc.) and when we can, window visits and outside visits.
  • For visitation appointments, please contact:

Recreation / Activities:

  • We are delighted to offer group activities for our residents while practicing socially distancing techniques for those vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.
  • Outdoor activities are always encouraged and preferred by the CDC and CMS, however indoor events are once again taking place following the outbreak guidance.
  • We are excited to safely welcome back in our volunteers and vendors including entertainment, clergy, artists, and instructors.
  • A reminder to everyone that we do have various tablet devices for your loved one to utilize to access games, various communication tools, games, news, and more.

We hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you!!

Kind Regards,
Corey Beaudette, NHA

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