Update from Administrator – May 24, 2020

Update from Administrator – May 24, 2020

Welcome to all our new members,  I hope you find this informative. Please feel free to email back with questions or concerns. As we enjoy the holiday weekend, the Team at Webster Manor would like to take this moment to reflect on the men and women who died while serving this great nation. Thank you.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” — John F. Kennedy

Per a mandate by Governor Baker and MA DPH, Webster Manor has worked tirelessly to achieve the states required mandate of 90% testing of residents and staff. This undertaking was completed for residents back on May 8th, with all residents (who did not decline) coming back negative.  We will retry with those residents to see if they would reconsider testing.

The leadership team continues to work hard at completing staff testing with expected “on target” projections the by May 25th, deadline. Over the course of testing staff, those who tested positive were asked to self-quarantine as CDC protocols dictate based on Asymptomatic or Symptomatic criteria.

Since March we have continued our screening process and continue with checking vitals on all staff every 4 hours and upon any reentry to the center.

For some time now we have been able to remain COVID Free, which we are grateful. As we monitor change in conditions of all our residents those who may raise concerns are relocated to our Precaution Wing and are observed for 14 days.

If we are unable to treat, there are times we do send residents to the hospital. Today was one of those days, and it was decided by the clinical support team to implement prophylactic precautions on our 3rd Unit until further notice.

At this time, all residents who reside on Unit 3 will remain under observation as directed by our Medical Director and his team. Please note that any window visit from the 3rd Unit will be postponed.   However, video chat sessions may be available by appointment through recreation@webstermanorrhcc.com.

Recreations will do their best to accommodate those interested, has time & staffing allow.  Please understand this decision does not come lightly but is the best course to keep staff and loved ones safe.

We recently had a visit by MA DPH who gave us a 28-point inspection on infection control practices as it pertains to COVID-19.   We are happy to report we scored a 28 out of 28.

Our team & company has put in great efforts to make sure our residents are given the best care, while keeping as many people safe as possible. It takes an Army to continue our processes daily and we are up to the task at hand, thank you for your continued support.

As the state begins to reopen please note that Nursing Homes across the state will reopen at a “yet to be determined” time frame. I know so many of you look forward to rejoining your loved ones again, rightfully so, but now is not that time. We still have much work to do and this should not be rushed… for their sake.

In the meantime, mail in your well wishes (disinfect, disinfect, disinfect), video chat or window visit (if permissible), remember NO Takeout, families may do laundry.  Our Hair Salon is not considered essential at this time.  Please feel free to reach out when you have any questions. A reminder that resident-specific questions cannot be answered during these calls or on our Facebook page. Please call us directly with questions on your loved one.

Kindly do not over inundate the nursing team with calls to the units, in an emergency we will reach out to you (email is best).

Happy Memorial Day & Stay Safe!

Kind Regards,

 Corey Beaudette, NHA

May 24, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring