Update from Administrator – July 1, 2020

Update from Administrator – July 1, 2020

Good Evening,


I hope you are well, and this email finds you safe and healthy.


Our continued efforts at Webster Manor are on-going with great emphasis on treating our patients and guiding them down the road to recovery. Although we are not out of the woods yet, we are see progress in recoveries each day. The efforts by the entire team are commendable and they prove it daily, never backing down and desire nothing more than to erase this terrible virus.


By today’s numbers we have 36 COVID-19 positive residents, 35 recoveries, and awaiting results for two COVID-19 tests. Thirty-one staff from the beginning of the pandemic have tested positive and 19 have recovered and returned to work. We wish those still affected well on their recovery and we look forward to them rejoining our ranks once they are cleared to return.


Today, we had another visit from the CMS and DPH regulatory team to ensure compliance of the mandated infection control standards and passed with no issues. These outcomes during the surveys prove time and time again that the team at Webster Manor will do everything in their power to combat this virus. Our residents, your loved ones, expect and deserve that level of care. I am thankful every day that my team continues to work hard for you and them, although there will be tough days, we will NOT give up!


Please remember we offer outdoor visits to those COVID recovered and negative residents; COVID-19 positive residents are offered video visits. If you are curious if your family member is available to have such a visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for guidance.  At this time phone lines are better utilized on patient care needs, but we will be happy to assist you either way. There are strict guidelines in place by DPH and followed by Webster Manor during these visits. Thank you for your patience with this matter.


I would like to open a weekly ZOOM conference call to those interested starting this Thursday, July 2nd at 11:30am with a few of our team members. Please be on the lookout for an invite by email with instructions on how to call in. This call will be only for a maximum of 30 minutes, to discuss updates and answer any general non-resident specific questions. In the interest of privacy, I’m sure you understand that we will not be able to discuss specific residents or specific care concerns.


Thank you and stay safe.


Kind Regards,


Corey Beaudette, NHA

July 1, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring